He Had His Whole Life in Front of Him

By Ned Fourney   Their stories are heartbreaking. For decades, thousands of families – over 7,800 from America and 100,000 from Korea – have wondered how and when their son, husband, brother, or uncle died during the Korean War. They’ve spent a lifetime hoping their loved one would return. But there has been only silence. […]

Page Updates – October 2018

05 October 2018 Added SP4 Ronald B. Powell who died on who died 02 October 2018 to the Taps page. Added SP5 Randell J. Brewer who died on 28 September 2018, SGT Ronald E. Burkle who died 9 September 2018, SP4 Charles W. Dougherty who died 21 September 2018, SP4 Stephen W. Jarvis who died […]

Page Updates – February 2017

27 February Added COL (Ret) Lawrence E. “Ed”, Chance who died 21 January 2017 to the Taps page. 17 February Added PFC Brian P. Odiorne who died on 20 February 2017 to the Taps page and the Iraq Book of Honor.  This Trooper was supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. Added COL (Ret) Robert B. Tully who […]

Page Updates – January 2017

30 January Added CPT John R. Childress who died 28 December 2016 to the Taps page. 26 January Added 1LT Gerald M. Klug who died on 21 July 2014 to the Taps page. 24 January ​Added SP-4 Carmen Miceli who died on 21 January 2017 to the Taps page. ​​19 January ​Added COL (Ret) Robert […]

Page Updates – December 2016​

29 December ​Added SP-4 Gary R. Norton who died on 24 July 2016, SGT Richard J. Meyer who died on 11 September 2016, and 1LT Fred H. Simon who died on 23 June 2015 to the Taps page. ​Added LTC (Ret) Joseph E. Palumbo who died 27 December 2016 and CPL Guy H. Delawder who […]

Page Updates – November 2016

29 November Added the name of PVT Kevin Paulino who died on 16 November to the Taps page. ​Added the name of LTC (Ret) Bert Chole who died on 26 November to the Taps page. 14 November Added the names of PFC Tyler R. Iubelt and SGT John W. Perry who were killed in an explosion […]

Page Updates – October 2016

26 October Added the name of 1LT Sherman P. Haight, Jr. who died on 17 October to the Taps page.  Sherman was a Charter Member of the Association and served as the Association President 1968-70. 21 October Added the name of SGT Douglas J. Riney to the Afghanistan Book of Honor. Added the name of […]

Page Updates – September 2016

28 September Added the names of SP4 Ronaldo L. Baca who died on 28 August and SSG Michael J. Dunagan who died on 23 September to the Taps page. 27 September Added the name of SGT Michael E. Malphette who died on 20 August to the Taps page. 26 September Added the name of CPL […]

Page Updates – August 2016

29 August Added the name of E-5 Randolph A. Buchheit who died on 13 August to the Taps page. 26 August Added the name of SFC Eugene L. McCrary who died on 24 August to the Taps page. 25 August Added the name of SPC Dion S. Servant who died on 19 August to the […]

Page Updates – July 2016

29 July Updated the USAA Programs page to reflect the change to Visa in the USAA Rewards Credit Card program. 27 July ​Added the July/August issue of SABER to the SABER page. 21 July Updated information on the Veterans Day in DC page. Added the name of PFC B.H. Taylor, Jr. who died on 5 March […]