Vietnam War Book of Honor

"Project Sky Trooper"  

The names of 5,621 Soldiers are on these lists.  They were members of units assigned or attached to the 1st Cavalry Division (AIRMOBILE) who were killed in action (KIA) during the Vietnam War.  The unit baseline used for the research was a list of assigned and attached units of the 1st Cavalry Division that was compiled by Mr. William “Harry” Boudreau, Historian, 1st Cavalry Division Association.  Additionally, extensive research on the history of the 1st Cavalry Division during the Vietnam War was necessary in order to understand the complexity of the 1st Cavalry Division’s pivotal role during the war.  The 1st Cavalry Division (AIRMOBILE) was the only major unit to execute operations in all four Corps Tactical Zones (CTZs), Cambodia, and Laos.

Numerous sources were used to compile the list of soldiers KIA.  Some sources were used to provide background about specific battles and campaigns while others were used to support data about specific KIAs.  Through articles in the 1st Cavalry Division SABER newsletter, input was also solicited from individual members, unit contacts, and unit historians of the 1st Cavalry Division Association.  The reader must be aware that every source of KIA data analyzed was found to have a certain degree of inaccuracies in it.  There are many reasons why these errors occurred and it would not serve any useful purpose to elaborate on them now, 30+ years after the war.  Every effort was made to make this list as accurate as possible using the resources available.  Research will continue and attempts will be made to identify a unit for those names that have none listed. 

Several First Team veterans contributed data and input to this project and they deserve our collective thanks.  In World War II and the Korean War, the 1st Cavalry Division was faced with the task of covering too many square kilometers and fighting too many enemy soldiers with too few friendly forces.  Both assigned and attached units were essential for the 1st Cavalry Division to achieve victory.  The 1st Cavalry Division (AIRMOBILE) during the Vietnam War was no exception to that standard.  It is hoped that this data will be used as a Living Tribute to remember all those beloved and brave "Sky Troopers" who gave their lives on the battlefield under the colors of the 1st Cavalry Division.    

Project Sky Trooper was compiled and organized by MSG (Ret) Daniel P. Gillotti.

To view the lists click on the unit links.  Some of these lists are long and it may take a period of time to load on your computer. 

These brave Skytroopers will never be forgotten!

1st Cavalry Division Units
HHC 1st Cavalry Division
1st Cavalry Division Band
13th Signal Battalion
15th Administration Company

545th Military Police Company

Cavalry Units
1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry
2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry
3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry

1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry
2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry
5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry

1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry
2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry

1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry
F Troop, 9th Cavalry/H Troop, 16th Cavalry

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry
2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry
3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry

Infantry Units
5th Battalion, 12th Infantry

25th Infantry Plt (Scout Dog)

34th Infantry Plt (Scout Dog)

2nd Battalion, 47th Infantry

1st Battalion, 50th Infantry
E Company, 52nd Infantry (LRRP)
54th Infantry

H Company, 75th Infantry (LRRP)
2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry


Brigade Headquarters
1st Brigade   

nd Brigade 
3rd Brigade

Artillery Units
HHB, Division Artillery
2nd Battalion, 12th Artillery
7th Battalion, 13th Artillery

6th Battalion, 14th Artillery

6th Battalion, 16th Field Artillery

2nd Battalion, 17th Field Artillery

3rd Battalion, 18th Field Artillery

2nd Battalion, 19th Field Artillery

2nd Battalion, 20th Aerial Rocket Artillery

1st Battalion, 21st Field Artillery

23rd Artillery Group
B Battery, 29th Artillery 
1st Battalion, 30th Field Artillery
2nd Battalion, 32nd Artillery
6th Battalion, 33rd Artillery

2nd Battalion, 35th Artillery

2nd Battalion, 40th Artillery

5th Battalion, 42nd Artillery

1st Battalion, 77th Field Artillery

F Battery, 79th Aerial Rocket Artillery
E Battery, 82nd Field Artillery

Military Intelligence Units
191st Military Intel Detachment
313th ASA Battalion
371st Radio Research Company

391st Military Intelligence Detachment
583rd MI Company

Aviation Units
11th Aviation Group
17th Aviation Company

227th Aviation
228th Aviation

229th Aviation

362nd Aviation Company

478th Aviation Company

Engineer Units
8th Engineer Battalion
14th Engineer Battalion

15th Engineer Battalion

31st Engineer Battalion

39th Engineer Battalion

46th Engineer  Battalion

70th Engineer Battalion

501st Engineer Company

Support Units
HHC Div  Support Command
15th Medical Battalion
15th Supply & Service Battalion
15th Transportation Battalion
26th Chemical Detachment

27th Maintenance Battalion

56th Dental Detachment

184th Chemical Platoon

205th Ordinance Platoon

215th Support Battalion

283rd Medical Detachment
498th Medical Company
596th Light Maintenance Company

Armor Units
2nd Battalion, 34th Armor

30 Troopers of the First Team were awarded the Medal of Honor from their service in Vietnam, 19 of them were awarded posthumously.

145 Troopers of the 1st Cavalry Division were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for valor during the Vietnam War.  A total of 66 were awarded posthumously.